18th Century

Our 18th century program provides the students with a general overview of life in the New England colonies, with an emphasis on the period of 1750-1781. Topics that will be covered include slavery in New England and the Triangle Trade between New England, Africa and the Caribbean.

The French and Indian War and the effects of British tax proposals including the Sugar Tax of 1764 through the Intolerable Acts of 1774 will be discussed. The major events that preceded the Revolution will be highlighted including the Boston Massacre, The Gaspee incident, the Boston Tea Party, and the first Continental Congress. Through the use of a scale model diorama of Battle Road, students will be able to visualize and discuss the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

The lives of women and children in the 18th century including their status in society, legal rights and their roles in the colonial household will be explored through the use of reproduction and antique artifacts. School children will have an opporunity for hands on interaction with a variety of artifacts appropriate for the age and grade level of the students.

Items that will be on display and explained during the presentation include: Men, women and children’s clothing; an antique spinning wheel, various toys.
Common household items will include a chamber pot, foot warmer, bed warmer and coin scale. A Brown Bess musket, various swords, military accoutrements and the uniform of a British Soldier will be shown to the students. An extensive collection of 18th century surgical and dental instruments will be demonstrated and explained as well as some of the medical treatments and procedures used in an effort to cure patients.

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