Yellow Silk Saque

This gown was draped and closely patterned based on the Snowshill Manor gown c 1770-75 in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1. The silk fabric is home decorating weight silk taffeta, heavier but less expensive than dress weight silk, and readily available. Nine yards were purchased to make up sacque and matching petticoat.. The gown was draped on a padded dress form, pocket hoops support the skirt and petticoat. The gown has box pleat trim on the robings and gown center fronts. The metallic lace used on the trim pieces and on the sleeve treble ruffles is vintage goods from Tinsel Trading Company in New York City. Thirty six yards of lace were required to finish this gown, which is a good measure to use when purcasing trim.

The stomacher piece is constructed from an old piece ( c1920s ) metallic lace. The lace was approximately 18 inches long and quite soiled, tarnished and torn in multiple places. After washing the metallic elements were cut and couched onto a white linen finished stomacher. Criss-cross metallic braid added a finished look to the stomacher and a rummage sale rhinestone piece of jewelry is the last detail. The idea behind creating this gown was to use inexpensive fabric: $85.00 for for nine yards of silk taffeta and 36 yards of metallic lace trim at $36.00, all linings, silk and metallic threads brings the total to less than $150.00, proving that elegance on a budget is attainable.

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