Embroidered Petticoat

This fine Gentleman’s suit of clothes is made of a figured cotton velvet. Breeches, coat and waistcoat are made of the same fabric, often referred to as a ‘”ditto” suit, meaning all pieces are the same material. With the addition of different breeches and or waistcoat, a gentleman could vary the combinations of pieces. His shirt has fine ruffled linen at the bosom and shirt cuffs. These ruffles can be removed and washed separately from the shirt as they are delicate and require more care in laundering. The suit is sewn by hand using linen and silk thread. The coat lining is cream ribbed silk, the waistcoat is lined with linen.

Covered buttons are used on the waistcoat and coat. Wooden forms are covered with silk thread in a pattern referred’ to as “Deaths’ Head”. Silk buttonhole twist from Utica Thread Company was used for all buttons. Wm. Booth Draper has a booklet available for purchase with instructions for making these type of buttons.

Cotton velvet was often chosen for men’s clothing, it was a durable practical fabric for the poor and patterned velvet was fashionable for the more affluent gentleman.

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