Pirates of New England is a historically factual account of the lives and exploits of the various New England Pirate captains and thier crews who roamed the waters off of the New England coast. From 1630-1730 men such as Sam Bellamy, Robert Quelch, Thomas Tew, Dixie Bull and a host of others sailed the waters of the Americas and beyond, capturing cargoes and from any merchant vessel that was unlucky enough to cross their paths.

The captains, crews and passengers of these captured ships were often treated with extreme cruelty by these pirates. Unlike the modern, romantic cinema portrayal of pirates, our presentation delves into the lives of these men, why they became pirates and follow their careers to the end. Included in the discussion are two of the most famous female pirates, Ann Bonney and Mary Read.

The day to day life on board a pirate ship, the chain of command and the Pirate’s Code will also be explained. The various types of sailing ships that lent themselves to the particular needs of the pirates as well as the tactics and strategies of the pirates are also presented.

A hands on display is front and center, whether indoors or out! The weapons used by pirates such as muskets, pistols, blunderbuss and edged weapons such as ctulasses, boarding axes, rapiers, daggers and grenades are available for demonstration. A swivel gun with various types of cannon balls is included in the display of weaponry.

Medical and surgical implements that would have been in use on board a pirate ship are descriped as well as the primitive medical options available in the 17th century.

A great visual parade of handpainted pirate flags are explained in detail, including the history of Jolly Roger and the flags that pertain to each of the pirate captains and the symbolism behind these well known images.